Over the next four years, I plan to visit every state in the country, hosting workshops and gatherings about the science and practice of micro-moments and connection. The workshops are part storytelling, part discussion, part activities. They can be held with 12 people or 200, in backyards, living rooms, libraries, schools, churches… anywhere, really.


Create a safe space to learn about connection, and start practicing it. We’ll talk about the science of connection. We’ll talk about our own experiences of connection and disconnect. And we’ll talk about practical, tactical, easy ways to connect more. As we do, I hope we can spark a revolution of connection that will help heal me, heal you, and in whatever way big or small, help heal our country.


I am asking people across the country to help me host these gatherings.

What we need to host an event? 

-       An event organizer
-       Space that holds a minimum of 10 people
-       A group of interested individuals
-       A two hour time slot for the workshop/talk

Where do we have these events?

If you have a women's group, a non-profit, a church group, a community center, a yoga studio, a library, a living room, a backyard, an office, a school, a synagogue, or a girl scout troop (you get the idea), then I want to come to you!!!

Connection Cure, Utah 2017   

Connection Cure, Utah 2017


If you're an undercover event planner, if you love to get your friends together, if you want a unique experience for your work staff, or a dining experience that goes deep, if you're a believer in the power of conversation and want more of it, if you'd like to help people put down their phones and talk instead of text, then I want to hear from you!

If you want to be part of this micro-moment movement and are up for the challenge of creating a space for these workshops/talks to take place - then click below! 



What if every person we came into contact with had the potential to heal us? What if every interaction became an opportunity for wellness?

Connection Cure Las Vegas, 2017

Connection Cure Las Vegas, 2017

Humans are wired to connect; this isn’t woo woo talk; it’s actual science! Connection nourishes us the way sunlight and nutrients do and here is why this is so important - human connection literally changes our bodies’ biochemistry. Yup! What actually happens under the skin when you engage in meaningful conversation is an increase in oxytocin levels and a boost to the immune system! Ta-da!

The Connection Cure is a workshop that gives us a tour of the body, explaining what happens under the skin when you connect (even with strangers!). Join this movement and learn about how connecting with ourselves and with others can actually decrease stress and increase positivity, in just a brief moment. We use storytelling and interactive exercises to increase trust, and learn about the resources our bodies have that enable us to heal ourselves through connection – just like “magic.”



South Pass, Wyoming  Micro-moment with Eddie, walking the continental divide - 2017

South Pass, Wyoming
Micro-moment with Eddie, walking the continental divide - 2017

A micro-moment is the sharing of a genuine positive feeling, not just with friends or loved ones, but with strangers. I am collecting micro-moment stories across the country, in written, video, and photo format! Share your own meaningful conversations, surprising interactions, and moments of connection and join our micro-moment movement! 

We all have a story. What’s yours?

Share your moments with us at:



Offering one-on-one life coaching sessions to people in communities across America. Sessions are all “pay what you can.”

Coaching is a powerful conversation where together we process where you are right now and through powerful questions, help open you up to your truth. Coaching is not based solely on goal setting. It’s about creating a safe space where you can authentically share, process, and be seen for who you are. Actionable steps are created from what’s there, intentionally moving you towards the places you fear, because it is in the spaces where fear lives that transformation is born.



JFK Service Awards Washington, D.C. 2016

JFK Service Awards
Washington, D.C. 2016

Would you like to hear my personal story behind the Connection Cure? This interactive talk will delve into my personal story of love and connection, from New York City to Swaziland, and follow my journey of healing from chronic illness.