It’s time to stop hiding. 

Pause. Listen. Pick up your dream. Bring it with you. Walk beside it. Skip. Dance. Run. Fly a kite with it. Whatever you do, just stop convincing yourself that you have to “find it.”

You ARE it.

Lisa Daron is a Life Coach and a practitioner of Positive Psychology.

She empowers her clients to be unstoppable in pursuit of meaning, to use failure as a tool for rejuvenation, and to step towards their biggest dream, even before they feel ready.

Her clients seek meaningful connection, don't shy away from grit, and are ready to be empowered by their personal narratives.

Not for the faint of heart, coaching with Lisa is a deep dive into facing the places that scare us, stepping outside of our comfort zone, and challenging ourselves to choose risk - because that's where the magic lives.


  • Uncover the dream that won’t let you go.

  • Dig into the greater purpose behind your passion.

  • Learn tools to increase positivity.

  • Assess your top values and strengths and use them to keep you moving towards the things that matter.

  • Learn how your brain has evolved and why it influences your everyday life.

  • Learn to say no to what distracts you.

  • Identify your web of social influence.

  • Develop skills for self-regulation and strengthen your willpower muscle.

  • Set your long term goals while instituting small actionable steps.

  • Move from a perspective of scarcity to one of abundance.

Let's Go all in!


  •  Feel stuck? Paralyzed? Stagnant?

  •  Feel as if you’ve lost your way?

  • Struggle to listen to what you really want?

  • Let fear inhibit your passions?

  • Feel disconnected from the real you? 

  • Feel there’s something more inside of you yearning to get out?

  • Distract yourself with technology?

  • Feel overly concerned with what others think?

  • Get in the way of what YOU want?

  • Choose comfort instead of risk?

  • Isolate instead of connect?

  • Feel tired of settling for the mediocre?


1-on-1 Coaching and and Mentoring

As a practitioner of Positive Psychology and a certified Life Coach I work with clients to realize their big (and sometimes secret) dreams. I work with people who are tired of the “shoulds” and “what ifs,” people who want to get gritty,  are ready to take a leap, and stop settling for mediocre.

Are you ready to move from distraction to action? To increase your appetite for change? I want to help you build resilience, celebrate your stories, savor the mess, and remember that life doesn’t have to be polished to be beautiful.

Corporate, Group and Team Building

I offer made to measure programs that are specifically designed for each clients needs. I work with organizations one-on-one to define exactly what your team needs, and craft a unique program for you. Past workshops have been held for diverse groups, corporate clients, non-profit organizations, and teams. 

Set Workshops: 

Who’s showing up to work?
Identifying personal core values in the workplace

This workshop is a Positive Psychology based approach to exploring and identifying our core values and how they aid in personal growth, communication, and joy both in and out of the workplace. Participants will gain an awareness of their personal dissonance in and out of the workplace and each individual will be able to identify their top three core values as a benchmark for their personal alignment.


Listen Up!
Creating trust and communication

This workshop uses coaching and Positive Psychology to gain a deep, experiential understanding of the power of active listening, creating trust and communication in the workplace and between individuals.

In our growing digital age and high-stress society, communication is imperative. However, why is it that we seem to devote less and less time to truly listen to one another? Active listening is at the heart of communication, a necessity for relationship building, problem solving, and understanding. Why? Because listening is at the core of human connection.


Who are you to judge?  
A journey through mindset

This workshop is an introduction to mindset, helping you increase your capacity for bouncing back when facing adversity.  Cultivating curiosity enables participants to persevere in the face of setbacks and obstacles. This supports you in valuing effort, keeping you open to feedback and opening up space for opportunity and learning.



Write Through It
Self Discovery Through Writing

Do your thoughts ever drive you mad? Do you create stories about yourself and others? Wanna get these feeling out of you onto the page?  Join me and learn how writing can help improve mindfulness, self-awareness, and compassion for ourselves and others. In this workshop we will connect with our storytelling abilities, creativity, and presence. Through both group activity and personal writing prompts, we'll get the creative juices flowing!