Here's what current and past clients have to say about working with me...

"Lisa is pure magic. I initially reached out to Lisa to help take my career as a dance educator to the next level.  What I actually received from our work together was beyond anything I could have imagined.  Her energy is a beautiful mix of joy, excitement, and no BS.  This recipe allowed me to dive deep into work I was unaware that I needed to explore, and while sometimes scary, she held my hand the whole way.  As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, Lisa helped me break down walls in order to find the beauty in the mess.  And within that mess I’ve been able to discover a deeper level of happiness not only in my career, but in all areas of life.  Shortly after our work together, I was on the road to relocating to my dream area, accepted a position of heading my own dance program at a prestigious institution, and found a life partner that has been more than I could have dreamed for myself.  Although I know that I did the work, if it weren’t for Lisa and our time together, I am certain I would still be living small and not the life of my dreams."

 - Alison Dambach
Dancer & Teacher

"Lisa is a spectacular woman. She is hilarious, deep, calming, healing, and encouraging. She is truly one of a kind. I had the pleasure of spending an hour with her when she conducted coaching sessions for the cast of The Vagina Monologues in Cookeville, TN. During that brief hour, she made me laugh, cry, break out of my shell, and truly see myself for the first time in years. I left that meeting with a renewed dedication to my calling, a love and acceptance of myself like I’d never felt before, and a true friend for life. She helped me break through the layers I’d created that hid my light, and rekindled it to a blazing fire. I shared with her my story of horrible domestic violence, and rejoiced with her that I am still alive. There were many instances during that abusive time when I could have been murdered, but wasn’t. With Lisa’s help, I managed to rediscover my passion, my hope, and my fierce sense of being. She is a magician, Wonder Woman incarnate, a healer, and an inspiration. But, above all, she is a Life Changer!"

- Lisa Veal, Cookeville, Tennessee


"Lisa offered a workshop during an event called Reset to Love. She gave an incredible workshop on human connection! I’m still hearing feedback from attendees about how they felt uplifted and inspired! The importance of human connection is often undervalued in modern life. Lisa impressed both the scientists and the spiritual types alike by taking us to a logical place of understanding that we need human connection. She presented scientific evidence and shared her own personal story to illustrate that human connection is the salvation and cure in this digital era. Lisa’s stories were personal and relatable. I look forward to attending and hosting her future workshops."

 - Schneur Menaker
Host of Reset to Love

"I hired Lisa as my coach after initially having zero intention of working with her.  I reached out to Lisa not to be coached but for advice as far as how to progress with my coaching career.  After our first conversation with her I immediately said to myself, wow, what was that.  From the get go, Lisa was as real, brutally honest, which is hard to find, and encouraging.  I put down the phone and said, I need more of that in my life.  Within in a week I hired Lisa to be my coach and mentor.  I don't have enough glowing things to say about but it here are two.  First, as a coach, I am constantly pushing myself to get the same results for my clients that Lisa got for me.  

Aside from being a coach I am trader so I tend to look at results as a sign of success.  So, the second thing I want to say is that since I started working with Lisa my entire life and mindset has improved.  While there are many factors that have gone into that I have no doubt that working with her is one of the key ones.  There is no greater compliment I can give the than that."

 - Alan Hirsch
Trading Coach

“Lisa is wise beyond her years, having seen a thousand life times during her intense work in Africa. She has brought this truth, pain and light directly in to her practice, using her own experience to help guide her clients through theirs. She consistently holds the delicate balance of being a poised Dalai Lama-like confidant, a vigorous neck rubbing cornerman, and a shield banging rally crier. Anyone who gets one-on-one time with THIS wise woman, is blessed.” 

- Dodd Loomis
Director, Disney's the Lion King Broadway - The Gazelle Tour


"Lisa got my mojo going. Her approach to coaching reawakened passion and gave insight to help me discover what I what from life. She's open. She's smart. She's loving. She aligned. I'm excited to embark upon this next chapter of my life, thanks to our session."

 - Andrew Arrington
Disney’s The Lion King on Broadway

"I met with Lisa Daron for the first time on a beautiful, sunny day in Southern California. We sat outside and talked about the extremely difficult transitional period I was experiencing at the time.  I was really struggling through a few dramatic changes in my life and I could not be more thankful that our paths crossed. Lisa's insight to what I expressed to be feeling and the possible root cause for my reaction to the experience was profound in helping me to find inner peace.

Although my situation is still in transition, with Lisa's guidance towards a different perspective, I've given myself permission to therapeutically heal from the emotional trauma I've experienced.  Living in a constant space of gratitude is my goal and with each interaction with Lisa, I feel closer to it."

 - Kyle Banks
Disney’s The Lion King on Broadway

"Working with Lisa has been one of the best things I've done for myself. Over the past four months, I've started moving a web series into production, written more than I ever have before, and gained confidence as a writer and maker.  I'm more of a slow-burn type of worker, and Lisa's structure and support has helped me identify real obstacles versus where I'm just getting in my own way. Coaching with Lisa is basically like jumping into a confidence crockpot--even if you're thinking you're just a tough cut, you're gonna come out of it delicious, hot, and rich (ok, maybe not rich. Yet.) She's noble and no-bull, and that's the best combination I could ever think of."

 - Olivia Kingsley
Writer & Actor

I reunited with Lisa in New York at a time in my life when I was feeling very negative and having a hard time looking in the mirror.  I didn’t like what I saw, or how I felt.  From the first time I met with Lisa, I left feeling understood, and as if I had opened a bright spot in my heart where it had been sealed shut with tar.  She let the light shine in and through a series of guided meditations I began to feel a confidence and renewed sense of self I thought I had lost forever.  I am continually grateful for her support and genuine care in healing and helping the human condition.”

- Kristi Vosbeck
Fashion Designer


"I approached Lisa about 6 months ago for coaching to help accelerate the cultural transformation that I was tasked to drive in my role as an HR professional at a fortune 500 company and to provide transformational coaching to my own internal clients in the organization. What I received from Lisa greatly exceeded my expectations!

I have experienced my own personal transformation to realize my own my power, strength and the ever evasive “executive presence” that I have struggled my entire career to get just right. As a result I have stepped up in ways I never have to train leaders and managers in the organization and influenced the cultural shift of the organization in a big way. I have also started a leadership blog internally and through my own coaching have accelerated the growth of managers and leaders within my own organization. I am now also increasingly sought out for coaching leaders in my organization and recognized for playing a key role in their advancement in the company, and that is only with 6 months of receiving coaching from Lisa. She is THE coach of coaches! Whatever stage you are in your career, Lisa unleashes you so that you can UNLEASH others. Get ready to experience the multiplication effect!"

- Alicia Winter
HR Manager & Leadership Coach

Lisa & I worked together over 6 months via Skype. I am currently a copywriter at an ad agency & working towards a writing career in TV/film. My goal at the start of my coaching sessions with Lisa was to complete a web series with my writing partner that I had been tinkering with for over 4 years. My result at the end of our session was 3 written episodes, a promotion & raise at my ad agency job, a fully funded trailer for an entirely new branded web series, a clear understanding of my creative road blocks w/ actionable ways to kick them down, a couple of mantras and a better understanding of my emotional life (bonus!). It was a bad ass 6 months of major personal growth.

 If you're looking for a coach who can help you focus, prioritize, celebrate, ask deep questions about your creative goals/life goals/squad goals then Lisa is perfect for you. I would highly recommend her (and do) & would work with her again (and will). She was thoughtful, prepared & I felt she was genuinely interested in my success.”

- Tricia Olds
Writer & Actor

Lisa is a powerful, energetic, committed and supportive coach. She has a unique talent for seeing the truth and asking the right questions, and has been instrumental in guiding me through my personal transformation process. Her uniquely creative approach and talent for writing has challenged my own creativity and projected it forward in ways I could never have imagined.” 

- Emma Webb
Creative Coach

"Lisa has such a wonderful spirit. She is truly able to connect and see me for who I want to be even if sometimes I'm unable to see myself. She really has a deep love for her clients and it shows. She challenges, she uplifts, and she provokes. I'm so grateful for all that we've discovered together. Her coaching has been invaluable. Everyone needs a coach like Lisa in their lives!"

- Leilani Lucero
Co-Active Coach

"Lisa's wisdom and her patient, yet challenging approach has helped guide me through tricky waters both professionally and personally over the past few years. I couldn't recommend her work as a life coach highly enough. It's made a huge difference in my life!"

- Dara Kell
Documentary Filmmaker & Writer

"I have known Lisa in a variety of settings: Academic peer, one-on-one coach, group leader.  To be in the presence of Lisa is to witness a rare energy, vibrant and reassuring.  Through coaching, Lisa encouraged me to do things I had been reluctant to attempt, and this enabled me to discover a potential within myself that I didn’t know existed. Through the sharing of her own story, Lisa provided me with a different perspective, allowing me to view my own life experiences in a new, more positive light.

Working with Lisa has absolutely transformed me: My overall outlook is broader and brighter, and I am more confident—with myself and with the decisions I make on the path to attaining my personal goals."

 - Ainsley McWha

"Tired of consistently ‘talking’ about my goals/dreams, I came to Lisa because I was looking for genuine support and actionable ways to clarify and implement them. Lisa is an incredible source of wisdom, intuition, positive encouragement and has really helped me to approach my work from new perspectives. She is also highly sensitive and excellent at facilitating the exploration of personal obstacles and resistance along the way, which makes her coaching very intimate and personal. Less than 3 months of working together, and I’d already achieved my first recording goals that I’d set, have booked my first festival and am continuously meeting and setting new goals. Lisa is killer!!!

-Jeri Silverman
Singer & Songwriter

"I found Lisa Daron through a friend and colleague’s recommendation, and I am so grateful for it. I walked into our first meeting disoriented and desperate for clarity. After only a few sessions with her, I feel more empowered and focused. Although I’m not “cured,” I understand the journey more each day. Lisa has a way of guiding self exploration through exercises in dialogue and thought; she asks thoughtful questions and really listens and understands.

After our sessions, I feel invigorated. I look forward to continuing the process, and thank you."

- Pearl G
Writer & Journalist

When I think of Lisa (which means, when I smile on Lisa), I think of the shining light that she radiates and also of all of the light that she has enlightened my writing practice and life with. She is the most amazing, inspiring supportive coach I could ever even imagine. As a writer passionate to begin sharing my life’s work, I sought out Lisa to help me focus and organize my time to take me to this next level of sharing. Not only was I nurtured with incredibly insightful, warm support in this respect, but Lisa also had the foresight to help me see that what was holding me back with my writing, is also connected to what holds me back in my life. Having this awareness to then be able to release it into freedom, has been a REVELATION in my writing process and also in my life as a whole.

Lisa’s an enlightened leader and kindred spirit with a special star around her. She’s a deep and profound kind of special, her inspiration is awing. Not only am I eternally moved by and grateful for Lisa’s incredible support for me and my writing practice, but I'm also so deeply moved by and grateful for her generous heart, selfless dedication, and palpable passion in empowering communities of girls and artists in Swaziland and South Africa to rise up.

A shining example to us all, Lisa is a gift to the world, inspiring others to use their light, and to be the light.”

- Shira Newmark